General Overview

ElektranaNumerous environmental changes lead us to continuously research new business opportunities. In order to provide our own sources of energy, we directed our professional knowledge and experiences by establishing a contemporary, technologically advanced and ecologically conscious subsiding company.

In Eko Energetika, we combine innovative technology with ecologic solutions. Our philosophy is based on the search for alternative resources of energy (solar, wind, geothermal, hydro energy and wooden biomass), which, in contrast to nonrenewable ones, are expected to have a long-term availability.

 The lack of electric energy on the market, the search for energy independence and the irrational production of competitors, lead Eko Energetika into providing a total energy supply for the users of Era City.

With the ‘trigeneration’ system we are able to simultaneously produce heat, cooling/air conditioning and electricity.

Our company is also planning other ecological projects in connection with renewable resources, municipal solid waste, cleaning devices, water purification plants and fotovoltaic systems. Until the conclusion of the construction of entire complex we are planning to place over 65.000 m² of fotovoltaic panels.




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