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Duration:06/04/2017 - 08/04/2017

The modern and innovative higher education system that brings the knowledge of students closer to the requirements of the labour market is the driver of the development of the society. In this regard, the event DAYS OF EDUCATION AND CAREER is organized in order to assist the young people and students when choosing their future careers or educational institution where they will continue their education, the company that might employ them after graduation, the programs for advanced vocational qualification in specific areas and the ways and possibilities for financing the studies.

The event DAYS OF EDUCATION AND CAREER brings together in one place all state and private institutions of higher education from the Republic of Macedonia and abroad that represent the undergraduate and post graduate study programs, institutions  and companies that have programs of study with scholarships and loans, companies that offer professional practice for students, and companies offering employment of qualified staff to appropriate positions. This event is for all students programming degrees including student of secondary education - future students who should make their right decision on their advanced education and professional orientation.

Take the opportunity to present and promote directly to your future students your latest educational programs and benefits and advantages that you offer for them.



 - Universities, faculties and colleges from the Republic of Macedonia

 - Universities, faculties and colleges from abroad

 - Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Macedonia

 - Institutions from the Republic of Macedonia and abroad that offer scholarships

 - Agencies for Employment & Career

 - International development agencies

 - Human Resources Agencies

 - Other educational institutions from abroad

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